“World War Z” by Max Brooks

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ☆☆☆☆

Synopsis:  Mankind has survived its biggest struggle for survival to date – The Zombie War, also known as World War Z.


With a world population decimated by Z, the world is struggling to recover.  Although the war has been won, the virus has not yet been completely decimated, leaving the possibility of a future outbreak wide open.


This book is a chronicle of Zombie War from the beginning, with Patient Zero, to the end and beyond.  The entire novel is comprised of first-hand accounts of the War from every corner of the world.  Told by those who personally witnessed the atrocities of World War Z, each story is deeply personal and horrifying.


Opinion:  A fascinating read with an intriguing structure, World War Z is certainly at the top of the list for those who prefer a more intellectual take on how a potential zombie infestation might realistically play out worldwide.


Brooks takes into account the practicalities of society, culture, and government in determining just how far a potential zombie infestation would go.. and it’s much farther than one would expect.


The chapters are made up entirely of first-person experiences with zombies and the war itself.  It is realistic, gritty, and well-written.  I took a star off not for content, but for its inability to be a novel you can speed through.


Oh! And a lot of you know there is a film starring Brad Pitt called “World War Z”.  While the film, indeed, came from the idea of a Zombie War, and lifted the novel’s title – that is where the similarities end.  At the title. (Venn Diagram included)



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