“Touch” by Claire North

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆

Synopsis:  You are a person.  A person who has lived, loved, and learned.  Perhaps you have been married and had children.  Perhaps you dedicated your life to learning languages and traveling.  Perhaps you are a drifter, never staying in one place for long.  Perhaps you are a homebody, who has never left the small town you were born in.


Now, imagine all of these things … without a body.   You are distinctly, individually you.  You are who you have spent your entire life being.  And yet… in order to survive, you need to live your life inside the body and mind of another.


You “jump” from body to body in order to survive.  You do not inherit the traits or memories of the hosts you borrow, and they will not remember that you were ever there.


These entities are few.  Some have been given names by those human beings who have felt personally attacked at their most vulnerable.


What if these humans, who are feeling victimized, formed an organization to eradicate these entities for good?  Would this be a positive or negative thing?  Would this be morally just or corrupt?


The answer may come with the behavior of the entities.  Let me give you a few examples before we move on.

Entity 1)  Violent.  Murderer.


Entity 2) Will use a body for practically its entire life span, becoming married and having children with the host’s body.  The entity will leave only after unsuccessful attempts to prolong life (such as terminal cancer).


Entity 3) Will typically set up an agreement with the host, promising extra money in their account at the end of the short-term use of the host’s body.  Will always strive to improve the lifestyle of the host (attending and finishing college, cleaning up an addiction, etc).


The story focuses on the 1st person view of Entity 3 – known as Kepler.  We follow Kepler through the turbulent times she faces as she comes to know that her kind are being systematically eradicated – and how she goes about handling (fleeing/fighting)  the overall situation as well as her innate sense of survival.


A mild thriller – with a continuous build up of suspense and intrigue – this novel is purely Claire North, and absolutely worth your time.

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