Top 5 – Books I WILL Get To This Year

I am the person that no matter how large my TBR (to-be-read, for those not up on the book-community lingo) pile is, and no matter how much it expands over the year, I simply cannot keep up with it.  {All those trips to Books-A-Million don’t help!)

So, this year, I am determined to diminish my TBR pile by quite a lot.  Out of my massive 100+ books currently in my TBR pile, I am going to choose the Top 5 that I am most interested in reading and simply can’t wait to get to!  For consistency, I will only list those that are currently on my shelves, and not those I have pre-ordered for later in the year.  With that said, let us begin!

#5 – “The Miniaturist” by Jessie Burton


A historical fiction novel revolving around a lonely woman who procures the perfect recreation of her home by a Miniaturist.  Obviously there must be more to the plot than this, and it is the “this” that I cannot wait to explore. I WILL get to this during 2016!

#4 – “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic” by Emily Croy Barker


The title says it all in my opinion.  That was all it took to catapult this book to the top of my TBR pile.  Although school will take up a good chunk of February to May – I DO expect that this will be read by summer.

#3 – “Illuminae” (The Illuminae Files) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Illuminae Ray V6FrontOnlyA2A_V3.indd

Not only is this a fantasy book set in space (clearly a book for me!), but it is one of the most FASCINATING books I’ve ever laid my hands on.  No two pages seem to be the same.  They are filled with reports, logs, photographs, distress signals, … the works! Just open the book for a minute or two and scan the pages!  This is no “normal” book.  It is exactly this quality that draws me to this book.  It WILL be done… and fast.  It’s entirely too interesting to keep on my shelf much longer.

#2 – “Fallen Kingdoms” (The Fallen Kingdoms Series 1-4) by Morgan Rhodes


This was, sadly, the only photo I could muster with all four novels that have been released.  This is considered by many the YA version of A Song of Ice and Fire.  I will take that with a grain of salt until I read it, because to me, nothing stands higher than ASOIAF… esPECIALLY that crap TV show on HBO.  There, I said it.  Moving on!

#1 – “The Queen of the Tearling” (Series) by Erika Johansen


These covers are simply masterful to view.  The story has been lauded in the fantasy community as the next best thing and I am looking forward to seeing what the hype on these novels is all about… and whether or not it is justified.

I invite you to read these (and all of the other TBR’s that are coming out this year – there are SO many great books that I will NOT miss on their release date.

Share with me in the comments which books make your Top 5 Books to Read This Year!

*I will be away from my computer for about a week or two – so this is my last post until that time.  My computer has to be sent in for repair. I will be back soon with plenty of reviews prepared and ready when I get my computer back.  See you all on the other side!