“The End of the Day” by Claire North

Star Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5 stars ☆☆ ½

Synopsis:  Charlie has a new job.  This new job is one he’d never expected.  Charlie is the Harbinger of Death.  His job is to be the one who comes before… Death him/Herself.

Charlie’s job is being sent to the living. To revere, to remember, to celebrate, to mourn, to respect.  Charlie sometimes comes to those as a courtesy for a life lived uniquely or spectacularly.  For an idea that had lived long and strong, but has since changed with the wind, as all ideas eventually do.

Charlie sometimes comes as a  warning.  As a way to show someone that there may be a different path.  Not all roads lead to the same destination.

Before you meet Death, you will meet Charlie.  How would you react?

Opinion:  I really can’t get any more detailed than that in the synopsis – and believe me, I tried my hardest to lengthen the synopsis beyond 2 sentences.  There isn’t much else to this book.  There just isn’t enough to say in terms of the plot.

Mostly because the plot is non-Existent.  Yes, there is no plot.   This is a book of ideas.  A book of left-Leaning politics.  It is page after page of political talking points and diatribes.  It is a book comprised of everything you hear on the television or out in public.  It is the landscape we live in right now. The political reality. The loves, hates, and prejudices of humanity.

I am sure there are many people who will read this book and love it.  It will speak to you.  It’s one of those books that truly CAN speak to you.  It is just not for me.  When I read a book, I read to escape, hence why I read so many fantasy novels.  If I wanted to read anything in this particular book, all I would need to do is turn on the news.  Go outside to a public place.  Just BE in this world.  I am in this world.  I read to escape it – not to delve in deeper.

If you feel like this could be something for you – then by all means, read it! Catherine Webb, a.k.a. Claire North, is an amazing writer.  Her ideas and the method with which she shares them are nothing short of beautiful.

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