SUMMER 2016 RECOMMENDATION – The “Red Rising” Trilogy by Pierce Brown

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The RED RISING Trilogy by Pierce Brown

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆


Darrow of Lykos is a Red, a slave miner in this world dedicated to a strict caste system – with Golds as their leaders.  Each color has a specific job function, and each along the ladder, are treated poorly – save for the Golds, the gods of their society.

When Darrow’s wife, Eo, has decided she has had enough of being treated as nothing but a slave and chooses to commit a treasonous act of rebellion in front of the Gold ArchGovernor of Mars, Eo is executed at the gallows.  Her death brings about a surge in the power of the resistance movement – the Sons of Ares. “Break the chains…..”

In Darrow’s grief, he also commits a treasonous act and is set to be executed, saved by the “terrorist” group, the Sons of Ares, in order to finally bring down the Gold tyranny – from the INSIDE.

Darrow is “carved” into a Gold and it is his mission to bring down the rule of the Golds from within.  A dangerous and deadly game – especially for a lowly Red.


One of the most entertaining series I have ever read, hands down.  This is a tale of not only a tyrannical society itself, but also the tale of the mindset of each individual living in such a society, and how each differs from the rest.  One color to rule them all…

The tale of Darrow and his journey to bring freedom to his people and to the other “lower colors” is amazing and heartbreaking at the same time.  Following him through the Gold Society in order to infiltrate, corrupt, and bring it down is honestly, one of the best stories I’ve ever read.  It’s intricate and detailed, with many characters and situations that will have you hooked on the story on the characters quickly and easily.

Fair warning in advance – George R.R. Martin ain’t got NOTHIN’ on Pierce Brown.


The story is emotional, violent, pure of heart, and incredibly addicting.  The characters are incredible and distinct, with the character of Sevro standing out as my favorite of the series.

The tale of the underdog is always enjoyable – but this is a million miles above the rest!

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