“The Sudden Appearance of Hope” by Claire North

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars ☆☆☆☆ ½

Synopsis: At the age of 16, Hope Arden began to disappear from the lives of her family and friends.  Soon, the moment someone would look away from Hope, they would instantly forget her – and forget any interaction they may have had with her.

Hope’s inability to be memorable leads to a difficult life.  A normal job would be impossible if the moment your boss left the room, he or she’d forget you even existed.  So, Hope turned to thievery.

Soon, Hope finds herself involved in the theft and destruction of a billion dollar app called “Perfection”.  She doesn’t quite know what a killer ride she’s in for…

Opinion: This book was amazing to read.  The idea that someone would forget you the moment you were out of their site was fascinating and devastating all at the same time.  You couldn’t have relationships – what would happen when the person you were with fell asleep and then woke up next who, whom they’d assume, was a stranger?  You couldn’t get medical care – as soon as the doctor or nurse would leave the room, they’d forget you existed and you would be unable to receive proper treatment!

The most interesting parts of this novel revolve around those who actually attempt to remember Hope – doing so by using handwritten notes and recorded conversations.  Although they forget her, and every interaction with her, they know they have indeed interacted before due to the evidence left behind…


I was fully intrigued with this story from the beginning, and Claire North is an absolutely amazing writer when it comes to her unusual “abilities” she writes about in her novels  I will certainly be continuing to pick up the rest of her books!!

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