St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag

End of the Rainbow

What book did you have a hard time tracking down a copy of?

Other editions of this book are more than available everywhere. It is this first edition hardcover that is difficult to track down without paying a lot of money (much more than usual for a book! – Especially when they’re all used!). I had a lot of difficulty finding the perfect copy of this book, but I was determined! I finally got a copy off Ebay from Britain that is perfect.  Absolutely worth the search.

Celebrating a rich heritage

Name a book that contains a well-developed culture.

Must I even explain this one?  The world of this book series is so vast and complicated, I couldn’t put anything else in this category.  Many different religions and races and countries and … just well, everything!  This world easily trounces any other in size, scope, and detail. This is exactly why Martin has such a hard time writing these books. He’s made them too complicated!! Still waiting on my Winds of Winter, George.

Shamrock Shakes

What’s your favorite food to snack on while reading?

These are my kryptonite lately.  They’re so bad for you and yet oh… so… good! I have a habit of read-snacking, which I really, really need to break. If it’s not peanut butter pretzels, it’s white cheddar cheez-its, or something similar. If any of you have any helpful tips to break the read-snacking habit – I’d love to hear them!

Four Leaf Clover

Name a book you thought would be ‘just another generic book’, but turned out to be something great.

I really did think that this book series was going to be your typical YA fantasy series. Full of love triangles and stupid girls who can’t make up their minds. I was very, very pleasantly surprised.  It was complicated and amazing. I devoured these books within a few days.  Meyer’s writing is just incredible. (My review for this series can be found here.)

Irish Whiskey

What’s your favorite tradition of St. Patty’s Day?

I know, the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is not an Irish tradition… but I really don’t celebrate any others! I don’t really drink.  I don’t like cabbage or corned beef….. so I think I’ll stick to my mint shake 🙂