“Snow Like Ashes” Trilogy by Sara Raasch

Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars ☆☆☆ ½

Synopsis: 16 years ago, the Kingdom of Winter was forcefully taken over by the evil ruler of Spring, King Angra.  The few citizens who actually survived the attack were imprisoned in harsh work camps within Spring.  Only a small group of less than 30 Winterians escaped, becoming nomadic refugees among the other Kingdoms.

Among the refugees is 16 year old Meira, our main character.  She is an orphan, taken in by the band of refugees.  Her education centered on the politics of the kingdoms, the magics that reside within, and how to fight – and fight hard.  It is the eventual goal to reclaim Winter from King Angra and to free the rest of the surviving Winterians.

The way to do that is to reclaim Winter’s lost magic, their magical conduit connected to only Winter’s magic, the conduit contained within a locket that Angra wears around his neck.  Obtaining this magic back is the first step in ever regaining their lost kingdom.  Can a small band of 20 or so refugees complete this task?  For their enslaved and murdered people and their conquered country, they absolutely have to try.

Opinion:  Let’s start by saying this: I liked this trilogy, but… it’s your typical, average YA fantasy trilogy.  It’s good.. but didn’t stand out.  In fact, it’s been all of a week since I’ve read these and I already had to go back and re-read some parts because I simply forgot what happened in it already.  It’s good … and entertaining… but it certainly doesn’t rise to the level of great.

Yet again, we have teenagers dictating politics and ruling countries.  At least unlike other YA, Raasch has the wherewithal to acknowledge how abnormal this is and how unqualified teenagers are to be running anything at all.  Thank you, at least, for the acknowledgement of this. Too many authors consider this “normal”. It’s not normal. Teenagers running entire countries is scary. And shouldn’t happen.

I really liked the main character… through most of it.  She’s your prototypical YA leading female. She’s badass and smart, but loses fights easily and loses all sense of reason when a boy is within 100 yards.  And she’s rash and never thinks before she acts. I spent half the series wanting her to see what she needed to, but she was too busy staring at the pointy end of her nose – unable to see past it. Oh yeah, and there’s a completely unnecessary love triangle…  Wait… I did say I liked this book, right?

I liked it when I didn’t have to analyze it! I need to stop now.  It’s entertaining. If you like YA, you should read it.

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