“This Savage Song” by Victoria Schwab

Monsters of Verity – Book 1

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars ☆☆☆☆ ½

Synopsis: Verity is a city plagued by violence – and monsters.  Monsters in Verity are the physical manifestation sf the violent atrocities humans commit against themselves.

Corsai – monsters borne from minor violent offenses, these are unintelligent, zombie-like creatures that feed on the flesh of humans

Malchai – borne from more severe violent crimes, such as premeditated murder. Malchai are stronger and smarter than the Corsai, with an almost human appearance, who feed on the blood of humans.  And…

Sunai – borne from only the most atrocious and multi-person offenses, human looking and acting in almost every way, with a need to feed on the souls of those who have tarnished themselves with violence.  The Sunai use music to incapacitate their victims and to lure the soul from the body for reaping.  Sunai are the strongest and most deadly.

The city of Verity is divided into the North and South.  Both are ruled over by powerful men. The North is ruled by a ruthless mob-esque man name Callum Harker.  He is a violent man who controls the city through fear and intimidation.  He harbors monsters with the intention of using them to harm his adversaries. He charges the citizens of the North quite a lot of money for his “protection”. Kate is his daughter. She wants nothing more than to be like him – ruthless and dangerous.

The South is controlled by Henry Flynn, his family, and the F.T.F. (Flynn Task Force), a group of trained soldiers who find and exterminate monsters when they are found in the city.  The only 3 Sunai that exist are part of Flynn’s family, and task force.   They are considered his sons and daughter. August is the youngest.  Teenage-like, August is a Sunai who desperately wants to be human.  He wants nothing to do with the life he is forced into.

After Kate is expelled from yet another boarding school, Flynn sends August to spy on her. When Kate’s life is put in danger, it becomes up to August to save her – and find out who wants Kate dead.

Opinion: This is Victoria Schwab at her absolute best! She is, hands down, the QUEEN of flawed but amazing characters.  She also has an amazing knack for taking some of the worst aspects of real life and translating them with incredibly perfect flair in her novels. I can’t recommend her stories enough.

This was absolutely the best book she’s written – and I’ve read them all.  The characters were fascinating, the world was immersive, and the storytelling was flawless and flowing.

If you haven’t already started reading any of Schwab’s novels, whether under her full name Victoria or under V.E. Schwab, please go do so. She is a delight. You won’t regret it.

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