“Rebel Belle” by Rachel Hawkins

Star Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ☆☆


Harper Jane Price is a teenage over-achiever that has it all: the best grades, the best slots in after-school activities (such as being Student Body President), the best experiences (becoming Homecoming Queen), the best friends, and the best boyfriend.  Everything in her life is perfect.  Until the night she is crowned Homecoming Queen.

Forgetting her perfect lipstick for her perfect Homecoming evening, she has to borrow her best friend’s sub-par lipstick in order to go on stage to receive her crown.  Heading to the bathroom to quickly freshen up, she stumbles upon a fight to the death between her science teacher and the school janitor! Watching in horror as the janitor dies by the science teacher’s scimitar, he leans over and kisses Harper.  Not just any kiss.  He blows – something – into her mouth.

Soon she quickly dispatches her science teacher without a second thought – her high heel works perfectly for this situation.  But, soon she is sick, and although she has won her crown, all Harper wants to do is go home.

Over time, she finds that she has been passed the powers of a Paladin, a legendary warrior whose job it is to protect the Oracle of Delphi.  It’s just a shame the Oracle happens to be her mortal enemy, David Stark.


Let’s just start with this – nowhere near enough Paladin story line.  This book focuses mostly on Harper’s insistence that she still wants to do everything in her life AND be this Paladin.  This leaves very little room in the book for the actual Paladin training, or even “being”.  Very little is mentioned about her powers, and you’re left wondering exactly what – besides being able to jump far and dodge objects – make this such a powerful and magical position.  There are maybe 3 entire pages of Paladin fighting. There is very little in the way of explanation of anything that makes this story interesting at all – in favor of all the ways Harper feels about her boyfriend.  Really?!?!

I was sorely disappointed with this novel.  It needed less teenager-going-shopping and more Paladin-kick-ass.

If you’re going to write a book about a girl who turns into a Paladin.. Why don’t you actually write her into the Paladin, huh?  It would make much more sense than – well, whatever was on the pages of this book.

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