“Lord of Shadows” by Cassandra Clare

The Dark Artifices – Book 2

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆

Synopsis:  Picking up right after the events of “Lady Midnight”, parabatai Emma and Julian are still forcibly separated.  The only thing that could perhaps save them from a terrible fate would be the very book defeated foe, warlock Malcolm Fade, sought for his own –  The Black Volume of the Dead.

But Emma and Julian are not the only ones who want the book – it is most desperately wanted among Downworlders and the Clave itself. After a trip to Faerie, a deal with the Seelie Queen may be necessary.  The Unseelie King is determined to rule all of Faerie, and to destroy every last Shadowhunter.

Mark Blackthorn is back from his forced years with the Wild Hunt. His Fae love, Kieran, has betrayed him and his family.  He is slowly adjusting to life as a Shadowhunter. And perhaps gaining a new confidante in Cristina.

Kit Rook has just survived a demon attack that killed his father.  He has learned he is secretly a Shadowhunter… and not just any Shadowhunter – a Herondale. For a boy raised to hate Shadowhunters, this will be a rough transition.

Opinion: Boy, this was a complicated book! There were so many different points of view, it was honestly hard to keep up. Practically every character had POV chapters, and they consistently rotated, making a steady storyline practically impossible.

The overall plot is good.  But, this is Cassandra Clare and she knows what she is doing in terms of combinations of lore and action.  However, again, this is Cassandra Clare, so there is also a lot of whiny teenagers who do stupid things for no good reason.  I hate that.  As much as I love the Fae in pretty much any book – and fantasy action sequences – I absolutely loathe stupid teenage angst – and this book is full of it.

Overall, it was good.  I just hate the whining. If she’d cut out some of the stupid teenager behavior, her books would be a million times better!

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