“Hidden Bodies” by Caroline Kepnes (You #2)

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆

For those who have not read “You” by Caroline Kepnes, come back once you have!

Synopsis:  Joe Goldberg is at it again – but, this time in Los Angeles!


This book picks up a few weeks after the events of “You”.  Now in a relationship with Amy Adam, the girl at the end of ‘You”, Joe seems to finally be content with his life – until Amy robs the bookstore and ditches Joe.  She moves to Los Angeles, and Joe, bent on revenge, follows her.


The story takes place primarily in Los Angeles, with sociopath and serial killer Joe continuing his erratic and tumultuous life on the west coast.  Joe is at his best (or should I say worst?) out in Los Angeles, seemingly completely unable to control himself.


He meets an equally eccentric Hollywood family while in Los Angeles and his story takes many wild twists and turns.  Clearly, this book is being set up as the middle book of a trilogy – so be prepared that the ending isn’t an ending at all, but a “To be continued…”


Opinion:  Oh, Joe! Such a fascinating character to read. Such amazing writing by Caroline Kepnes.  For those who haven’t viewed my review on the first novel in this series, you can check it out here.


Yet again, Kepnes is able to write a sadistic, sociopathic character from a place of sanity and reason. I have no idea how she does it.  She makes him both incredibly insane and yet incredibly reasonable at the same time.  You begin to root for the serial killer, and it makes you question your own sanity for doing so!


Trigger Warnings:  Those who cannot handle graphic sexual situations and disturbing content related to sadism and murder should steer clear of this novel.  It is incredibly graphic and certainly emotionally disturbing.  For those who love novels such as “Gone Girl”, and who have already read “You”, you’ll love the second installment in this groundbreaking series. I’m already counting the days until the third installment is released!

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