“A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆

Synopsis:  This novel picks up 3 months after the devastating events that took place Under the Mountain.  Tamlin and Feyre are set to be wed in their home, the Spring Court.

However, things are not as they seem.  Tamlin becomes obsessed with the safety of Feyre, and he is not handling it rationally.  Feyre is beginning to feel that she is nothing but a prisoner in her own home, and is certainly not a contented bride-to-be.  The closer the wedding comes, the more she feels smothered and gasping for air.   Her pleas go unheeded by Tamlin.

The other difficulty that arises is the bargain Feyre had made with Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court.  Bonded to him through Fae magic, Feyre was supposed to spend one week per month at the Night Court in return for his assistance Under the Mountain.  Rhysand had not come to collect on this debt…

…until the day of Feyre’s wedding.  Feeling oppressed and trapped, Feyre is not feeling elated over her nuptials. Instead, she is feeling dead, cold fear.  As she walks down the aisle, she internally screams for help.  And it is Rhysand to her rescue, claiming his time with her.  She is whisked off to the Night Court, leaving hundreds of startled wedding guests to wonder what just transpired.

Spending more and more time within the Night Court, Feyre is granted much more access to the inner workings of Fae society – of Fae nobility – and of Fae culture.  All that  she was denied in Tamlin’s Court.  She begins to learn the true nature and desires of the King of Prythian, and his loyal subjects.  All knowledge that she had been previously shielded from comes to light.

Prythian is on the brink of all-Out war.  Both a civil war and a war against the humans, which puts Feyre’s family at risk.  Feyre is given a choice.  Do you run?  Or do you fight?

Opinion:  There is just so much I cannot talk about for the sake of spoilers… I’m trying to decide how to move forward.  I guess I’m just going to have to try…

This was an amazing book.  Sarah J. Maas is a favorite of mine for how well she writes her characters.  Even her minor characters are fleshed out and fully absorbing.  The plot is almost irrelevant. It’s about the characters! And oh, how fascinating they are!

My favorite part of Maas’ writing is her refusal to adhere to that notion of a OTP (one true pairing).  The majority of books focus on how a romance is there to lead solely to “and they lived happily ever after”.  Maas chews that up, spits it out, and stomps on it.  A little bit of realism mixed in with my fantasy in this particular category is definitely welcome.

Having said that, she does use the overused and annoying trope of a character who is this overpowered, special, chosen one, blah blah blah – BUT they have no idea how to use their powers, so they are weak and someone always has to save them.  I hate that.  This trope goes back so many decades I don’t know where it began – but it really has to end.  It’s annoying.  If a person is that powerful, then let them know how to use it.  Or teach them.  Everyone else knows what to do.  Why does the “most powerful of all” always have to stand there with their hands up in surrender because they are untrained?  Drives me nuts.

Fair warning for those who are unfamiliar with Maas’ writing – this book should really be classified as Adult Fantasy.  She is an exceptionally sexual writer.  There are several incredibly graphic sex scenes in this book, and I definitely wouldn’t be buying it for a teenager.

So excited over the release of the third installment in this series, A Court of Wings and Ruin, in 2 weeks!

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